Alex Nordström

Well, hello there!

I'm Alex Nordström, and I am a product manager at Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert. We develop and market solutions for real-time monitoring and quality assurance for all forms of video delivery. This helps broadband providers, cable TV operators and similar companies do a better job as they bring your favorite shows to you. Thanks to us, they can tell if the picture and sound quality that they're sending out is any good and if you're receiving it okay. It's all pretty cool, really.

We're based in Linköping, Sweden, and conveniently, that's also where I live. I like it here, but I also enjoy traveling, and I hope to someday live somewhere a bit warmer and sunnier. I was born and raised in Stockholm, and I've lived and studied in the US (one year in high school) and Australia (four years at Curtin University). I've also spent many summers on Öland, an island off the coast of southern Sweden.

I tend to take lots of photos wherever I go. Other things I do to amuse myself include cooking seriously tasty food (and eating it), riding my bicycles (usually fast), and driving (usually too fast).